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The MicroMo Difference

MicroMo has been a partner to the medical industry for years through diverse applications

Attention to design and quality begins with ISO9001 and 13485 certification. MotorsMicroMo Electronics' application engineers work hand-in-hand with your design engineers to create a drive solution that will exactly meet your motor system design application specifications. MicroMo provides you with the best engineering assistance regarding motion system design.

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High Precision Components

MicroMo Electronics offers an array of reliable components used in a variety of highly sophisticated applications

MotorsThe components include high precision, miniature coreless DC motors, Brushless DC Motors, Miniature Stepper Motors, DC Gearmotors, Precision Gearheads, Encoders, and Linear Actuators.

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Design Capabilities

MicroMo's dedicated engineering team designs solutions to meet our customers' project criteria

MotorsAs experts in the design of electrical, mechanical and motion control systems, our team provides a valuable and accessible resource for our customers. Our design team will help you turn concepts into products in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner. ISO9001 and ISO13485 Certified.

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Custom Solutions

Customize Drive, Precision and Micro Systems

Unique applications demand unique solutions - customized drive systems from MicroMo Electronics and the FAULHABER GROUP. These range from tailor-made parts designed for specific applications through to system partnership involving jointly coordinated development, design and automated production of complete mechatronic systems.

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Application Showcase - Explore Our Client Case Studies

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Motion Control Drives Portable Infusion Pump

MicroMo's efficient high-torque motors help power a U.S. Army compact, portable field unit

High-Tech Solutions Deliver Improved Quality of Life

The world's first microprocessor controlled prosthetic leg

Automated Pharmaceutical Dispensing

Local pharmacy lines could soon be a thing of the past with ScriptPro

Micro-Precise Surgery Assistant

Miniature hexapods in spinal surgery, powered by MicroMo

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